Nursing Degree

Nursing Degree
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Why study for a Nursing degree?

The future of Nursing is leading change and advancing health, requiring 80% of nurses to hold a BSc Nursing degree.

Preparing nurses to lead the change in healthcare services, and help nurses develop the critical thinking skills to do so. Nurses with graduate degrees are more likely to report being extremely satisfied with their jobs compared with nurses who hold only a Diploma in Nursing.

This course will challenge your understanding of nursing & health academically by providing you with a solid foundation in evidence-based practise for an easier transition when you start working. 

Anyone with a nursing diploma looking to further their nursing profession with a nursing degree can get up to 90% course fee funding for our SNB accredited nursing degree (Terms and conditions apply).

Our part-time nursing programme aligns with global trends towards nursing as a graduate profession that prepares students for the future. You may wish to pursue postgraduate study upon completing this BSc Nursing & Health in Singapore.

CSM Academy International has also partnered with one of the top-ranking universities in the UK, the University of Dundee.

The patient population is ageing and more patients are presenting with more and more complicated conditions. Find out how you can help patients by signing up for our BSc Nursing programme.

Why the University of Dundee?

The University of Dundee is an established university with a progressive and dynamic outlook and an international reputation that attracts top-class students and academics from across the world. Acquire the knowledge, attributes and care skills valued by the health and social care industries around the world with this nursing degree. 

Upgrade and advance your nursing skills when you sign up for the Nursing & Health degree from one of UK’s top universities specialising in Healthcare.

Click here to find out more about our programme.

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