How To Embark On A Career Path In The Healthcare Industry

Since the Covid-19 pandemic last year, it would seem like “health” is a word that is constantly active in our collective memory. Every topic under this earth, from idle chatters to government regulations, has a section dedicated to the exploration, implementation, actualization of health issues and solutions. It is as if we are at last waking up from the slumber that had kept us in the dark, woefully unaware of the measures and efforts our healthcare workers, the finest amongst us, had upheld for all times to keep us safe.
There is a wide range of job roles in the healthcare industry. Therapy services is perhaps one of the most underappreciated forms of healthcare. When the public pictures healthcare professionals, they are imagining ER paramedics, dashing and bold, sprinting through the hospital corridor in a race of life and death; or they are surgeons cladded in scrub suits and masks as their armor, intelligent and precise, pulling the dying back to the waking light. But the most important form of healthcare is the one that reflects the true principle of the Hippocratic school – to administer a remedy for suffering, achievable with the cooperation of both the healthcare professional and the patient, to return to life’s greatest gift: well-being.

Granted, there would be challenges inbound for all who have chosen therapy service as their cause, dissatisfaction may take over you when you are resigned to seemingly menial, even unpleasant caregiving tasks, doubt may cloud you when your days are endured with unreasonable patients, that is why it is the noblest healthcare profession of them all, it takes one with the character of an angel, heart full of grace and soul full of charity, to perform the sacred task that is the restoration of a human life’s quality. Paramedics and surgeons save lives in the scientific, and physical sense, but therapy workers deliver salvation in reinstating the comfort of everyday living, the ability to perform once more in society, and the emotional release of becoming human, not simply a patient, again.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. For those of us yearning for a career with purpose, to be in service of others’ self-actualization, there exists a doorway to all that greatness. The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ), a national credential system that trains, develops, assesses, and certifies skills and competencies for the workforce, has fully approved and supported the development of our latest course: the WSQ Certificate in Healthcare.

If you wish to enter the healthcare services industry as an absolute beginner in allied health, this course aims to provide the fundamental skills and knowledge required to effectively execute job duties in Community Development, Disability Services, Senior Services, and Therapy Services. By equipping yourself with this qualification, you may begin your journey of scaling the tower that is therapy services. After this course’s completion, you may progress to a higher certificate and to the Polytechnic to study for a Diploma in Physiotherapy and one day even to get a degree in this noble industry. You may choose whether to commit as a full-time student or to take part-time lessons, as we understand the hectic realities of life.

The graduates of this course are immediately qualified to be employed as therapy aides or as a Healthcare Assistants in various healthcare settings, for example, in rehabilitation clinics in private settings and government hospitals, or in nursing homes. This course affords you the ability to have a taste of being a healthcare personnel, as well as the opportunity to develop yourself along this career path if you choose to. The doorway toward noble endeavors is now right in front of you, and you possess the key to unlock it for yourself.

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