This Is How You Elevate Yourself, Nurse!

What does it mean to be a nurse?

As you are reading this, on your precious day off, soundly away from the beeping of machines and the moaning of patients, I gather that you are reluctant to revisit the many scenarios that have been so draining yet comprises your day-to-day life. You would much rather sleep or lay on your sofa and wind down but I implore you to indulge in our little philosophical ponders so as to understand yourself – what is draining you, why so and how you are going to resolve this. You understand better than anyone that it is best to stop the blood loss before going into hypovolemic shock.

Now, back to the question, you are a Singapore Registered Nurse, you have the shiny practicing certificate differentiating you from the public, bestowing the divine credential to be a manifestation of Florence Nightingale. You who have endured years of theory and practice, perfecting your expertise and knowledge more so than any other healthcare professionals, you may not be clear on the defining qualities of a nurse, but it is the character you strived to embody before you embarked on this career, as you strive to embody now.

Is a nurse defined by their tenderness? It is certainly an important element, but a nurse is more than just a compassionate caregiver; excessive tenderness may agitate the patients as suffocating, humiliating even, while it also runs the risk of hindering your very own emotional stability, when suffering and pain is all that you see in your work.

Is a nurse defined by their knowledge? Yes and no. You are required to be proficient with general medication, emergency and holistic treatment. Yet the bulk of that burden, as you would agree, befalls medical doctors themselves, as they are responsible for the actual diagnosis and medical procedures.

A nurse is, in fact, defined by their drive for betterment of the quality of care given to patients. You need to also have the softskills such as communication esides clinical skills. Every nurse who wears the uniform, especially you, dear nurse, shares this drive for betterment that motivates you whenever you see the ill and weak, crying out of pain, reaching out for help. How am I able to make them BETTER? After a chaotic day in the ward seeing the suffering in some patients, how would I be able to make it better for them? This is in fact, the core principle that prescribes your mission and duty: to become better, to achieve better, for better. Nursing experience might perfect your methodology, but you must be in a position to be able to influence policies to enhance quality of care for the wholesome benefit of society and all who are sheltered under your gentle wing.

And the first step of it, is self-betterment. Does further education and enrichment improve your status as a registered nurse and give you a leap in your career advancement in any way? Yes. Does further education equip you with industry relevant knowledge and skills, elevate your performance at work, give you the tool to be BETTER? A resounding, absolute yes. And to do that, a path is now clear and open, especially for you.

CSM Academy International has been offering a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nursing & Health in partnership with the University of Dundee, UK. The University of Dundee has a long list of accolades :

  • Ranked 1st in Scotland, 8th in the UK, and 30th in the world in 2019 (Times Higher Education Golden Age University rankings 2019)
  • Ranked top in Scotland and 14th in the UK for best graduate outcome survey
  • Ranked 2nd in Scotland in the 2018 in Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey
  • The University of Dundee has been given a Gold award – the highest possible rating – in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)
  • 11th amongst UK universities for overall student satisfaction in the 2020 National Student Survey (NSS)

In Singapore, this BSc in Nursing & Health is accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB). This is a part time degree taking up 24 months to give you more time to take one topic at a time, because we understand the existing commitments you have for your duty, which is to safeguard the health of the people.

In addition, we also understand your financial needs. This course has been given pre-approved funding of 90% of the course fees by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) for nurses who works in the Intermediate and Long Term Care sector (ILTC), you can also use your $500 skillsfuture credit to offset your course fee or use your PSEA funds if you are eligible. And now, your power to make changes, to better yourself, shall be greater.

Learn more about our Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Health course offering here.



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