Adapting To Our Environment

Students will feel a need to adapt to a new environment. Here are some advises for the students to help guide them through their stay in Singapore.

Counselling Assistance

Our School has a Programme Executive who advises students on all school matters and problems they face in adapting to the change in environment. Students may approach the Programme Executive if he/she needs guidance to sort out personal welfare and related matters that concerned them so that they can have undivided allention to their studies. The topics covered include the following to provide basic information to start with.

Multi-racial Character

International Students are probably aware that Singapore’s population is made up of several ethnic groups: Chinese, Malays, Indians and others They professed different religions, have their own customs and held certain beliefs. The students should develop an understanding of the various cultural traditions and sensitivities through their local counterparts so that their adaptation to the Singapore environment will be a smooth and pleasant experience.


Singapore is served by good transportation facilities that are available in practically every part of the Republic. There is a good network of bus routes connecting to the mass rapid transit (MRT) stations. Those who want to enjoy greater degree of comfort may take to taxis run by several companies; among them are ComfortDelgro, City Cab, Yellow Top and TIBS to name a few. If you plan to travel by public transport buy a $15 EZ-Link card with an encoded $10 value (available from all MRT train stations) allowing for cashless payments. This mode of payment, besides being convenient, is also cheaper than cash payments Students can obtain the BUS/MRT Guide Book at the major book stores for their travel destinations and purchase the EZ Link Card to facilitate payments. This mode of payment is not only convenient but cheaper than cash. Taxi fare is charged by kilometres of travel. Receipt can also be obtained from the taxis, if requested.

Laws prohibiting smoking and Littering

Students are advised that smoking in enclosed areas, such as cinemas, public transport, offices, etc are not allowed. Warning signs are displayed on these places on the consequences of such action. Singapore prides itself of being clean and green. To enable local and international students alike, there are certain rules governing the disposal of unused items or litter. Litterbins are provided for the purpose and anti-social acts ego indiscriminate disposal of unwanted things are discouraged.

Dress Code

The students’ attire should be neat and conform to our school regulations. Sleeveless T-shirt and shorts, slippers are not allowed. The general accepted appearance should be smart and presentable.

Punctuality and Attendance

It is an act of courtesy to be punctual. Students should take note of the time of attendance required for the course subjects they are taking. Students who are governed by the Student Pass issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) have to achieve 90% attendance, failing which; the Student Pass may be revoked. Any absence on account of sick leave must be supported by valid documentary evidence e.g. a Medical Certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner.

Where to visit?

To eat / worship / seek entertainment, etc
There is abundant information about Singapore, its lifestyles, places of worship and things you can do to keep you occupied via the following websites:

Contact Numbers

Our service contact no for students to dial if they should need our assistance: Telephone: +65 629 629 62

Singapore Law Information

Please check with Ministry Of Law for latest information.



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