Our Facilities

CSM Academy’s facilities are located near the Central Business District where one facility is directly opposite the Aljunied MRT Station and the other which is a teaching nursing home facility is 5 mins walk from Kallang MRT station. This makes it very convenient for students who travel by public transport. For students who drive there is ample parking with 50 parking lots just next to Aljunied MRT and free parking in the Teaching Nursing Home premises at Kallang.

CSM Academy at Aljunied has three tutorial rooms with movable partitions which can be transformed into a lecture hall for 130 students, a conference room for students for online interactions with our overseas partner Universities, a counselling room, and a reception that has refreshments for everyone.

At the Kallang Teaching Nursing Home premises which houses the simulation centre, it has a simulation ward with manikins for skills practices, 2 classrooms which again can be opened up to a large hall for larger classes, handicapped toilets for skills practices and a rehabilitation room with hydraulic gym equipment for the elderly to use and for our students to practice.

At CSM Academy International our students study a wide range of courses within the healthcare segment, like our WSQ Certificate in Healthcare Statement of Attainments, BSc in Nursing & Health (accredited by SNB) and MSc in Dementia Studies which also covers a range of community care topics.

Thus, CSM Academy established Charis Manor, the Teaching Nursing Home to provide an authentic learning environment for our students. Here students have the opportunity to interact and engage with the elderly whilst getting a hands-on experience to enhance the healthcare skills they have learned during their course of study which no other private education institute provides.

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Campus Services

    The School undertakes the responsibility to continually improve on ensuring that all students’ welfare and needs are well taken care of and will do so by school-student engagements through the various student touch points as listed.

    We provide a wide range of support services including, but not limited to:

    • Student Orientation Programme
    • Counselling Services
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Medical Insurance
    • Staff – Student dialogue sessions
    • Students’ Activities

    Students can refer to the Student Handbook for the full list of services.

    Students are allowed to use CSM’s conference room as a Discussion Room for their group/project works when they book the room in advance. CSM also provides a Refreshment Corner at 250 premises and a Library Cafe @Charis Manor.

    All CSM students will have free access to the wireless internet connection at both premises, for any academic and entertainment purposes.

    Pre-course Counselling
    The pre-course counseling provides the prospective student with an opportunity to find out more about their’ interests, aspirations, hope, objectives, and information on courses and career prospective. As such, CSM Representatives should treat it as an opportunity to provide the prospective student with the information required for them to make an informed decision.

    Pastoral Counselling
    CSM’s students are counseled by a trained counselor or HOD, Academic Services on all school matters and problems they face in adapting to the change in environment. Students may approach the counselor if s/he needs guidance to sort out personal welfare and related matters that concerned them so that they can have undivided attention to their studies. Hotline: 629 629 62

    Healthcare Awards

    CSM Academy International launched Healthcare Education Awards on 1st of August, 2014, in an effort to make the difference in our society as a sign of contribution and part of our corporate social responsibility. CSM supports and encourages our students who face hardship to upgrade and apply for the bursary award. We also have CCMDA for those who work for community care setting, VWO can apply for CCMDA 90% funding.

    CSM Academy also offers three awards to students of Certificate Programmes and the awards for Certificate Programmes value S$ 1,000 each for those students who unable to get the WSQ Funding / SDF funding.

    Each year, the awards will be bestowed upon applicants who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the well-being of their patients and best meet the following criteria:

    • Have a minimum of 1 year of employment in the healthcare sector
    • Have a good performance record in the previous and present employments
    • Have the relevant professional qualifications for the enrolled course
    • Be successfully enrolled in the course/programme stated above

    To make the awards accessible to each and every applicant, there is no age and nationality limit. As long as they are willing to advance their careers within the healthcare sector, all applicants are welcome to apply for the awards.

    CSM Academy ensures that it has in place a medical insurance scheme for all its students as EduTrust regulations require all students to be covered under a medical insurance coverage for the students’ hospitalization, surgery and treatment costs throughout their course of studies, unless they are eligible to opt out. International students holding passes except for Student’s Pass, and students who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents are already covered by their own medical insurance plans, and may choose to opt out of the medical insurance scheme.

    In order to be able to opt out of the medical insurance coverage, students have to provide CSM a copy of their medical insurance policy/certificate which meets the following EduTrust stipulated requirements:

    • Annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 medical costs coverage per student;
    • At least B2 ward stay(in government and restructured hospitals); and
    • 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration, and the student is encouraged to seek advice on whether more comprehensive insurance cover is required or desired.

    Each student is covered under individual medical Insurance with Etiqa Insurance Berhad.

    Our Facilities

    Premise NameAddressFacilitiesCapacityArea (m2)
    250 Sims Avenue250 Sims Avenue
    #03-01 SPCS Building
    Singapore 387513
    Classroom 168102
    Classroom 22741
    Classroom 32233
    Counseling Room8
    Conference Room25
    Reception Area25
    39 Sims Avenue39 Sims Avenue
    Charis Manor Nursing Home
    Singapore 387412
    Simulation Ward1827
    Lecture Room 14670
    Lecture Room 24568
    Rehab Training Centre2842


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