University of Dundee Mini Seminar Series 2022 #1

University of Dundee Mini Seminar Series 2022

Quality Improvement Methodologies

Continuing Professional Education Seminar

Attendees can apply for CPE Points with SNB.

23rd February 2022

5:00pm to 6:00pm
Via Zoom

This seminar will explore:

  • How Quality Improvement methodologies can be used as a diagnostic tool to understand the current performance of a healthcare team.

  • Instances from healthcare practice will be used to illustrate how Quality Improvement methodologies might be used to inform the design, implementation and evaluation of incremental test of change and to report the impact of what has been learnt from this change process.

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Presented By

Dr. Kevin Stirling

Lecturer in Nursing

Kevin has over 25 years’ experience of working as a nurse in a variety of healthcare settings. In his current role, Kevin is a Lecturer at the School of Health Sciences and the Lead for the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety module. Kevin has utilised Quality Improvement methodologies to analyse the current performance of healthcare teams in pre-hospital, in-hospital and educational settings and thereafter to implement incremental tests of change that have been shown to improve teamworking and patient outcomes.

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