Diploma in Service Management


Our Diploma in Service Management helps advance your career in any industry, be it the retail, financial, IT, travel services or hospitality. Service is the key to success in every organization and the key to your career success is your ability to manage and deliver quality service. It is an evolving field of study that focuses on a number of disciplines.

Service managers must possess many qualities including business and financial management abilities, human development and relationship skills and communication and information technology knowledge, which focuses on fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers.

Services include all internal and external activities of organizations aimed at customer acquisition, retention and care. The Service Management program will prepare graduates to work with emerging profit and non-profit service sector companies, organizations and agencies and to effectively and efficiently manage the design, development and delivery of services.

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Full time: 12 months (3-hour lessons/day, 5 days/week)
Part-time: 24 months (3-hour lessons/day, 3 days/week)


Face-to-face, in-classroom setting.


There are a total of 16 modules have to be completed and passed for the award of the Diploma in Service Management.


January, April, July and October
• A minimum number of 15 students for the commencement of the class.
• Students will be informed 2 weeks before the commencement of the class.


CSM Academy International, Singapore.


Examinations, assignments, projects.

In case students fail the main examination of a particular module, they are allowed to sit for ‘One’ supplement assessment with payment of the appropriate fee*. Students are to re-take the module, shall they fail the supplementary assessment. Modules are independent of each other.

* Refer to Miscellaneous Fees


To graduate, a student must complete and pass all 16 modules. Upon successful completion, the Diploma in Service Management will be conferred by the CSM Academy International Pte Ltd.

Local students must achieve an attendance of 75% and International students must achieve an attendance of 90% in any month of the course.


The broad curriculum places emphasis on a combination of course work in all General Studies areas – the humanities, sciences and the arts in addition to the service specialization subjects forming a key part of an educational plan that nurtures graduates to live, think and work creatively.

Service is all-encompassing and applicable in all industries. Hence, the service specialization subjects taught are service skills and knowledge applicable in any industry, be it the retail, financial, IT services, hospitality, etc.

Service personnel meets customers of different cultures and personalities and as such, general studies like psychology, culture and so on will enhance your ability to deliver and manage services to a diverse audience.

Resident lecturers in Singapore are also handpicked from a pool of academics as well as industry practitioners to share their knowledge and experience with the students.


This two-year part-time Diploma in Service Management program, which is registered with the Council for Private Education, comprises a total of 16 subjects and is modelled after the broad-based American
education system.

  • General English
  • Service Quality Management
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Principles of Economics & Statistics
  • Business Technology and Applications
  • Financial and Accounting Management
  • Helpdesk
  • Principles of Entrepreneurial Effectiveness
  • Design for Individual, Other and Society
  • Design Thinking Tools
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Management & Organizational Behaviour
  • Human Resources Management
  • Social Psychology & Communication


Service Management positions are devoted to operations and management, systems and technology and human resources:

Operations and management positions include customer service manager, call, help, or care centre manager, customer service operations manager, director of client relations and service expectations, service scheduling manager, service logistic manager, and field service manager.

Systems and technology positions include service pricing, database maintenance, communication systems and e-commerce. Human Resource Management positions include career development, change management, and awards and recognition coordination.

Our graduates are furnished with the leadership talent needed for the following service industries:

  • Distribution (transportation, retail, wholesale)
  • Physical (communication, repair, utilities)
  • Business (finance, insurance, banking, public relations, consulting)
  • Personnel (human resources, entertainment)
  • Health (health care, elder care)
  • Public (education, non-profit social / membership organizations, public administration)

Minimum Entry Requirements:

• GCE ‘A’ level with at least 3 passes or equivalent or
• GCE ‘O’ Level holder with a minimum age of 30 at the point of application and 8 years of working experience

English Language Requirement:

• GCE ‘A’ Level pass in English or equivalent.

Application Fee

(Non-Refundable and non-transferrable)

  • Local Students: S$50
  • International Students: S$600

Course Fee

  • For local students: S$9,900.00 (before GST)
  • For International students: S$10,900.00 (before GST)

Insurance Fees

Fee Protection Scheme***: Subject to prevailing market rate
Medical Insurance Fee****: Subject to prevailing market rate

*** The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students’ paid fees.
**** It is compulsory for all local and international students to purchase medical insurance which is valid throughout their course of studies with the CSM Academy International.

Local students (Singaporeans, PRs & Nonstudent’s Pass holders) may opt-out for this scheme if they
can provide proof of adequate medical insurance coverage in Singapore.

– Payment of fees is in Singapore Dollars.
– Payment method only by Cheque/ Nets/ Telegraphic Transfer

Miscellaneous Fees
Please ask for a copy of the document from our Programme Executives or Recruitment Agents.