WSQ Certificate in Healthcare


This course aims to provide people already working or wishing to enter the Community and Social Services environment with the skills and knowledge required to effectively execute their job duties in Community Development, Disability Services, Senior Services, and Therapy Services.

This course is appropriate for any professional who wishes to acquire skills and knowledge from any of the 5 competency modules offered in the course. WSQ certificate, known as Statement of Attainment, will be provided for each module successfully completed.

Upon completion of this 5-weeks full time or 5 months part-time course, graduates are fully certified. They can immediately start work as a therapy aide in various healthcare settings.

Charis Manor (Teaching) Nursing Home

CSM Academy, via Charis Manor, has created an authentic learning environment within a nursing home facility using a simulation ward. Thus making Charis Manor a teaching nursing home.

This enhances the student experience whereby they learn in a real-life healthcare environment with similar facilities to those in their clinical setting.

It is also designed to be dementia-friendly. There are regular activities for elderly residents to engage in which help in slowing down the process of dementia.

Course Duration

Full time: 5 weeks

Part-time: 5 months

Delivery Mode

Face to face in a classroom setting, and practicals.

Course Commencement

Part-time: Monthly

Full time: Every 5 weeks


  • A minimum number of 15 students for the commencement of the course.
  • Students will be informed in advance before the start of the course.

Assessment Methodology

Practical Assessments and/or Summative Assessments

Note:- In case students fail the main examination of a particular module,

they are allowed to sit for ‘One’ supplement assessment with payment of the appropriate fee*. Students are to re-take the module, shall they fail the supplementary assessment. Modules are independent of each other.

* Refer to the Miscellaneous Fees

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete and pass all 5 modules to be awarded the WSQ Certificate in Healthcare and conferred by the CSM Academy International Pte Ltd. Local students must achieve an attendance of 75% and international students must complete the presence of 90% in any month of the course.

Note:  WSQ Statements of Attainment (SOA) for each competency unit will be awarded and accredited in accordance with the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System (WSQ).

Course Developer & Awarding Body

CSM Academy International, Singapore


Upon completion of this 5-weeks full-time or 5-month part-time course, you can work as therapy aides in various healthcare settings, for example, physiotherapists, occupational therapist clinics in private settings and government hospital; rehab center in nursing homes, and physically disabled homes.

Intervention Implementation in Therapy Support

This unit focuses on providing a safe and hygienic work environment by Health Attendants or Therapy Aides to assist Allied Health Professionals or Therapy Assistants while giving treatments, interventions and other services to the patients.

Client Assessment in Therapy Support

This unit covers how to give general assistance to Allied Healthcare Professionals and Therapy Assistants while providing treatments, interventions and other services to the patients.

Inventory Control and Equipment Maintenance in Rehabilitation

This unit covers the skills necessary for preparation and maintenance of equipment and materials to assist Allied Health Professionals and Therapy Assistants while providing treatments, interventions and other services to the patients.

Infection Control

This unit covers workplace safety, health policies and procedures. It also equips Health Attendants and Therapy Aides with the skills required of how to prevent infections and work overload, to handle injuries and work in a safe manner.


This unit will provide the knowledge and application skills in demonstrating first aid/CPR skills and be able to apply them to the workplace.

Entry Requirements

Language Requirements:

At least a C6 at PSLE or equivalent

Academic Requirements:

Obtained at least a C6 at Secondary II Levels in any three subjects or equivalent.

Students who do not meet requirements but the working experience will be considered on a case to case basis.

Application Fee (Non-Refundable and non-transferable)

For local students: S$50.00 (before GST)*

(*Refer to Singaporean/PRs/Employment Pass Dependant Pass holders)

For international students: S$600 (before GST)

Course Fee

For local students: S$550.00 per module except CPR totalling S$2,610.00 (before GST)

For International Students: S$625.00 per module totalling S$3,125.00 (before GST)


The percentage of course fee funding by SSG is dependent on:

For Singapore Citizens 40 years old and above the funding is up to 90%.

For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 21 and above, the funding varies at SSGs discretion.

Insurance Fees

Fee Protection Scheme***: Subject to prevailing market rate

Medical Insurance Fee****: Subject to prevailing market rate

*** The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students’ paid fees.

**** It is compulsory for all local and international students to purchase valid medical insurance throughout their course of studies with the CSM

Academy International. Local students (Singaporeans, PRs & Non-students Pass holders) may opt-out for this scheme if they can provide the proof of adequate medical insurance coverage in Singapore.


– Payment of fees is in Singapore Dollars.

– Payment method only by Cheque/ Nets/ Telegraphic Transfer/ PayNow

Miscellaneous Fees

Please ask for a copy from the Programme

Executives or Recruitment Agents.

SkillsFuture Credit information: 

    1. You can submit your SkillsFuture claim 60 days before commencement of the programme, or the start of the course (w.e.f 21 April 2017). According to SkillsFuture SG, this window period is sufficient for individuals to make claims to facilitate earlier programme registration.
    2. Please inform the Programme Consultant on the usage of SkillsFuture Credit and advise the appropriate amount to be offset against the qualifying programme fees.
    3. You can then submit the claim via the SkillsFuture Credit Portal for the appropriate amount to be paid to CSM Academy International for your registered programme.

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