Certificate in Healthcare (Therapy Services)

$ 50.00

Full course fee: Monthly instalment of $93.50 applicable.

Up to 90% course fee funding

Application Fee (Non-Refundable and non-transferable)



Behind Every Disability

Is the ability to enhance their Independence.

The Certificate in Healthcare (Therapy Services) aims to provide people already working or wishing to enter the Community and Social Services environment with the skills and knowledge required to effectively execute their job duties in Community Development, Disability Services, Senior Services, and Therapy Services.

Course Duration

Full time: 3 months

Part-time: 11 months

Course Commencement

Part-time: Monthly

Full time: Quarterly

Delivery Mode

Face-to-face, in classroom mode, and practicals.

Find out more about our Certificate in Healthcare (Therapy Services) here.

About CSM Academy International

CSM Academy was established in 2005 as a Private Education Institute to deliver Service Management programs with a major focus on healthcare services education. It delivers multi-level courses ranging from Certification and Diplomas to bachelor’s and master’s Degrees.

Other than healthcare, CSM Academy also provides educational courses across a wide range of other disciplines including Nursing, Gerontology, Dementia, Clinical Research, Biomedical Research, Digital media, and Hospitality & Tourism.

CSM Academy emphasises skills competency, applied workplace knowledge, and service excellence, developing several of their own intellectual property programs in Aged Care, Therapy Services and Biomedical Science, all designed to help students make a positive impact in the lives of someone else.

Here are the current programmes being offered at CSM Academy International

For more information about us and the courses we offer, please contact us at:

Mainline: +(65) 629 629 62
Mobile/WhatsApp/Telegram: 8111 3638
Email: csmsupport@csmacademy.edu.sg

or Visit us at:

250 Sims Ave
#03-01 SPCS building
Singapore 387513


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