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Why choose Dementia Studies?

The social and economic impact of Dementia in Singapore and throughout the world is increasing year-on-year with our ageing population. Dementia and its accompanying woes cost Singapore $1.4 billion every year, making it among the biggest drains on the healthcare system here.

This alarming figure, uncovered for the first time by local and international researchers, underscores the need to prevent the debilitating disease from taking hold in greying Singapore. (Straits Times, May 2, 2016) Therefore, there are increasing research and employment opportunities for dementia care.

 This course will enhance your employability within the broad field of dementia care, enabling you to move to more specialised and promoted posts within health and social care settings.

Also, this course encourages collaborative, interdisciplinary, critical and reflective learning and seeks to produce leaders of change in the field.

For professionals already working in the field and carers/volunteers who are supporting people with dementia care, this innovative course has developed to provide you with an in-depth, research-based knowledge of Dementia and approaches to dementia care.

It will impart the transferable skills that enable you to give your expertise to colleagues and other students, transfer awareness, implement action in the community and provide training to family members and carers.  

A3 Dementia Brochure 22May2020

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    Why should you choose this course at CSM Academy International? 


    1. The University of Stirling is the longest-running provider of postgraduate qualifications in Dementia Studies where students learn from an experienced group of world-leading academics, with reliable and established research records. Plus real sector experience and a wealth of world-class publications who will support you both personally and academically.
    2. Via the online learning platform, you will join an international, multidisciplinary community of students and academics passionate about positive changes in Dementia and practice.
    3. This course delivery in Singapore provides additional facilities for reflective studies in a private nursing home, and this nursing home is Dementia friendly, the staff are Dementia trained and has a rehabilitation department that contributes mainly to the activities for the elderly to slow down the progression of Dementia.
    4. As the course is offered part-time via blended learning, you can take this course concurrently with your current work and personal commitments.
    5. The University of Stirling is home to the internationally renowned Dementia Services Development Centre which shares contemporary ideas and practice with governments and other academic institutions.

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