Student Services Available at CSM

Student Support Services

1.0 Library Service
The library is another key resource for all students. It provides nominated and up-to-date reference books recommended by partner universities. For loans of library books, students are allowed to borrow up to 2 library books at one time for the duration of two weeks. If the student did not return the library books timely, a late penalty charge of S$0.50 per day will be strictly enforced.

Students are encouraged to frequently use the library and allowed to copy some extracts from reference books with the help of student support staff, which is especially useful for those students who want to do research work at home. However, there is a charge at S$ 0.10 per copy.

The library is open daily from except Sundays and Public Holidays.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday:
4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

For Napier University students, they have the access to e-library via moodle portal. All students are recommended to be members of one of the major external libraries in Singapore for further research and readings. There might be charges for membership. For more information on those major external libraries, please contact them as below:

  • National Libraries, please visit website at
  • National University of Singapore (Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library), Kent Ridge
  • Nanyang Technological University Library, Nanyang Avenue
  • National Institute of Education Library, 1 Nanyang Walk
  • Singapore Polytechnic Library, 500 Dover Road
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic Library, 535 Clementi Road

1.1 Induction Programme

An induction session is conducted by HOD Academic Services and/or Programme Leader of the University (if applicable), which covers:

  • Introduction of CSM and the University (if applicable)
  • Important information relating to the programme
  • CSM’s student support and services
  • University’s commitments, where applicable
  • How to use moodle as an effective learning platform (if applicable)
  • Student contract and fee protection scheme
  • Important policies and regulations
  • Feedback and grievance process
  • Other important information

1.2 Academic Workshop

Academic workshop is conducted every semester where applicable. It is conducted by a faulty member and/or HOD, Academic Services and covers academic matters such as study skills, avoiding plagiarism, tackling assignments, handling exams and balancing work and study.

1.3 Discussion Room, Refreshment Corner and Student’s Lounge

Students are allowed to use CSM’s conference room as Discussion Room for their group/project works when they book the room in advance. CSM also provides a Refreshment Corner at 250 premises and a Student’s Lounge at 260 premises.

1.4 Wireless Network Connection and Computer Room

All CSM students have free access to wireless internet connection at both premises for academic and entertainment purposes. CSM has a Computer Room equipped with 22 computers for their project works and practical sessions.

1.5 Counselling

1.5.1 Pre-course Counselling

The pre-course counseling provides the prospective student with an opportunity to find out more about their’ interests, aspirations, hope, objectives, and information on courses and career prospective. As such, Programme Executive should treat it as an opportunity to provide the prospects with the information required for them to make an informed decision.

1.5.2 Pastoral Counselling

CSM’s students are counseled by a trained counselor or HOD, Academic Services on all school matters and problems they face in adapting to the change in environment. Students may approach the counselor if s/he needs guidance to sort out personal welfare and related matters that concerned them so that they can have undivided attention to their studies. Hotline: 629 629 62

1.6 Medical Insurance

CSM Academy ensures that it has in place a medical insurance scheme for all its students as EduTrust regulations require all students to be covered under a medical insurance coverage for the students’ hospitalization, surgery and treatment costs throughout their course of studies, unless they are eligible to opt out. International students holding passes except for Student’s Pass, and students who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents are already covered by their own medical insurance plans, and may choose to opt out of the medical insurance scheme.

In order to be able to opt out of the medical insurance coverage, students have to provide CSM a copy of their medical insurance policy/certificate which meets the following EduTrust stipulated requirements:

  • annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 medical costs coverage per student;
  • at least B2 ward stay(in government and restructured hospitals); and
  • 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration, and the student is encouraged to seek advice on whether more comprehensive insurance cover is required or desired.

Each student is covered under individual medical Insurance with Etiqa Insurance Berhad.

1.7 Financial Assistance Scheme

CSM Academy is in collaboration with May Bank and MENDAKI (SNESE) to help needy students get study loan and funding.

1.8 Arrival Service for International Students

The arrangement is available to assist international students to settle down quickly for their their studies. We will pick student up from the Changi International Airport and send them to the hostels recommended by us. We will provide them with information on the location of nearby banks, Automated Teller Machines, MRT Stations, bus-stops, medical clinics and convenience stores, etc.

There is abundant information about Singapore, its lifestyles, places of worship and things there can do to keep them occupied via the following websites:

1.9 Accommodation Advice for International Students

The Academy does not provide accommodation. However, students can seek assistance from the Academy’s student welfare staff for some guidance on the choice, type of accommodation, charges and other service requirements before setting out to do their own private arrangement, especially if there are contractual requirements involved in renting a room in private apartment or condominium unit.

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