Dr Subbiah Dhamodaran

Dr Subbiah Dhamodaran (Dr Dhamo) has master’s degree in Microbiology and PhD in Medical Microbiology and Biotechnology with vast experience in basic research on HIV, HBV, and Polioviruses. His post doctoral research started with pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori in animal model research and later fully involved in early diagnosis of gastric cancer markers, genotyping, antibiotic resistance, and various genetic marker screening. Dr Dhamo has been teaching biomedical science, biotechnology and clinical research for more than twenty five years. Dr Dhamo is in the Editorial Boards of international journals and overseas examiner for more adjudicating doctoral thesis. He has published extensive research articles and sits in the expert panel and adviser for many research projects. Delivering science for the better understanding of everyone is a passion and style of Dr Dhamo. He believes that the outcome of science should reach everyone in the community.