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Policy Statement

CSM Academy is committed to providing efficient channels to gather feedback from students and seek to resolve any disputes or grievances in a fair and timely manner. CSM Academy aims to improve its business and support processes to ensure delivery of a high quality of service and education.

Student disputes or grievances may arise from any aspect of their educational experience at CSM Academy, where students feels that they are unfairly or unreasonably treated. This include unsatisfactory services (e.g. poor teaching quality, changes to the curriculum, and student services).

If grievances are in relation to student discipline and academic matters (e.g. appeals against results, expulsion, suspension, exclusion and attendance matters, etc) and there are existing university or CSM Academy procedures, then these will take precedence over the dispute and grievance procedure.

At CSM Academy, we have established a dispute or grievance process to address and resolve student disputes or grievances with minimum delay and inconvenience. A student who is seeking dispute or grievance resolution should follow the steps outlined below.

Dispute or Grievances Resolution Process

Step 1
Send an email or speak to our Program Executive (PE). All emails will be acknowledged within 2 working days. The PE will investigate your dispute or grievance and provide you a resolution within 5 working days from date of receipt of email. The resolution may be provided verbally through an informal meeting or via email.

Step 2
In the event that the resolution rendered is unsatisfactory, you may appeal to escalate the dispute or grievance to the Head of Department, Student Services (HOD). The HOD will investigate your dispute or grievance and set up an informal meeting if applicable to resolve the matter amicably. The resolution within 7 working days from date of appeal.

Step 3
If a mutually amicable resolution cannot be found, either party may approach CPE’s Student Services Centre (SSC) for help. The officers at SSC will review the issues and may refer the dispute to CPE Mediation –Arbitration Scheme. If the dispute is not resolved through mediation at Singapore Mediation Centre, the dispute will be referred for arbitration by an arbitrator appointed by the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.

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