CSM Academy’s facilities are located just a short distance out of the Central Business District in two adjoining buildings that are directly opposite the Aljunied MRT Station, most convenient for students who travel by public transport as well as for students who drive as there is a huge 50 lot car park opposite the building too.

The two training premises in adjoining blocks total 8,000sq ft. In one of the blocks, there are 3 tutorial rooms with movable partitions which can be opened up to a lecture hall for 130 students, a conference room for students to have Skype calls with our partner University for special cases, a counseling room, reception with refreshments and our service office.
In the other block, there are 5 classrooms of which:
2 rooms are used as Skills laboratories,
1 room is used as a Science Laboratory,
1 room is used as a Computer Room &
1 room as a classroom.

There is also a library & student lounge.

CSM Academy has also established a Nursing Home named Green Avenue where students studying for the Certificate in Aged Care could practice.

Premise Name Address Facilities Capacity Area (m2)
250 Sims Avenue 250 Sims Avenue
#03-01 SPCS Building
Singapore 387513
Classroom 1 68 102
Classroom 2 27 41
Classroom 3 22 33
Counseling Room - 8
Conference Room - 25
Reception Area - 25
260 Sims Avenue 260 Sims Avenue
#03-01 ECM Building
Singapore 387604
Classroom 1 (Computer Room) 24 36.14
Classroom 2 (Skills Lab 2) 21 32.32
Classroom 3 (Science Lab) 19 29.82
Classroom 4 (Skill Lab 1) 17 26.56
Classroom 5 20 30.49
Library 5 11
Student Lounge -

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