Dr Subbiah Dhamodaran

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Academic Advisor to CSM Academy International

Dr Dhamo being a Senior Research Scientist in Molecular and Health
Science research industry in Singapore for the last 18 years. In addition,
he has 28 years and above of experience in research, teaching and
diagnostic laboratory experience. Dr Dhamo has published several
scientific articles in national and international journals and co-authored
a book on medical microbiology. In CSM Academy International, Dr
Dhamo has taught Biomedical Science since September 2015. He is
serving as a Adjunct Teaching faculty for several universities such as
University of Bradford, Central Queensland University of Australia,
Macquarie University, and Northumbria University.

To add to his medical diagnostic laboratory interest and entrepreneur
skills , Dr Dhamo started a medical and diagnostic research laboratory
private limited in Chennai, India. He is serving as an editorial board
member in several international journals on Microbiology,
Pharmacology, Virology, Medicine, Epidemiology and Infectious

In addition, Dr Dhamo has been involved in research talks in Australia,
USA, India, Malaysia and Singapore. He is also a visiting professor to a
college in University of Madras, India. Dr Dhamo has recipient of several
prestigious awards for his research work and to mention a few:

  1. Barry Marshall award for gastric cancer research in 2001
  2. Best Research Scientist award (received from His Excellency
    President of Singapore for his research article received first prize
    in 2006.

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