Ms. Loke Chua Yean

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Ms.Loke Chua Yean
SRN, DMC, DO, MSc (Healthcare Management)
Member, Academic Board and Examination Board

Ms.Loke Chua Yean has more than forty years of consistent work experience in healthcare sector in Singapore. Ms Chua Yean served as nursing manager and senior manager in health information and clinical coding in the hospital settings. With her leadership a private hospital was set up with complete facilities for various departments. She also set up Singapore hospital’s first child care center, clinical coding department and public relations department.

Some of her professional qualifications also include ACTA, Diploma in community and social service, Diploma in mass communication, diploma in ophthalmology, etc… Ms Chua Yean also served as member in several professional societies such as Adult Educator Network, and volunteer in Alzheimer’s disease association, Singapore.

Ms Chua Yean is keen to practice yoga, jogging, cycling, reading, meditation, cooking and social interactions.

Ms Chua Yean received several awards and citations during her career. To mention a few:
• Outstanding Contributions award (MOE) 2012
• Public Service Star Award 2004

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